AS220 - Crafternoon

I get the AS220 email, usually I skim through it, but I stopped at this:

"My oh my, the time has come for another events email!

Git yer craft on this Sunday afternoon with our first ever monthly Crafternoon! Bring your art supplies and projects to work on in the performance space with other crafty people to share tips, snacks and good times. It's a new tradition!"

Sunday, February 24, 2008
1-5 pm Crafternoon!!!

I like crafts. Let's go, yah? I can fit 5 people, or 200 clowns or 2 elephants in my car because I recently cleaned it out. I can also fit those bags upon bags of Rowan yarn that I know you have and want to give me. Yeah, you. Give it here.
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New Project...

right before we bought our second version of Rock Band and after eating at Sura, we stumbled across a yarn shop which the name i can't remember... somewhere between the Target in N. Smithfield and our house, got some Debbie Bliss tweed...

and decided to knit this!

i'm only a few rows into it, but i love it already.

This Wool...

A brief interlude to sing the praises of Louet Riverstone.

This has to be the easiest wool I have ever worked with. If you have the chance, head on down to Yarns at Lace Wings and get yourself a few skeins of this. it's 165 yards per skein and pretty darn cheap as wool goes at $7.00 a piece. I'm working on a cabled vest with it right now and the cables eat this yarn up nicely. It's perfect. It's not itchy. It's from Peru. Llamas are from Peru. This makes Peru perfect. What does this have to do with anything?! If llamas like it, it must be good.

In Waiting...

While I was waiting for Knitting Without Tears, which has a pattern for a Tomten sweater (a tomten is an elf... so the sweater has a pointy hood), I decided to make some cabled headbands. The book, according to Amazon was set to arrive on 9/26. Well, it came yesterday. So of course I am in the middle of another headband (this pic is of the first).

As soon as I finish, I am starting the Tomten. The following picture is a finished Tomten from brooklyntweed so you can get a visual:

The Noro Experience.

I went out to the Fabric Place in Warwick because I heard they were closing and they were (are?) having a 20% sale on everything. So I bought 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon and 2 skeins of Noro silk. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, so I grabbed a pair of circular 9s and cast on 108. Some rows of 2x2 later, I started a leaf lace pattern from Vogue's Stitchionary. After doing that for a while I decided to throw in some cap sleeves that I learned how to do on another sweater I made a while ago from Twinkle's Big City Knits. Then I got the idea to do a cowl neck on it, but not before I threw in a set of leaf lace I got from the Bella Blouse from the Interweave free patterns section.
And there you have it. I cannot tell you how many rows there are, but the only times I made any decreases were for the cap sleeves (there was about 10 rows of decreasing) and the neck (maybe about 10 as well...).
This is completely off the cuff knitting because, well, I am getting sick of following patterns word for word. I get bored.
This little number proves that you can just wing it if you have some idea of how to do some sleeves and knit with circulars.

The Hemlock Ring Blanket.

Jared, of, is making my life hard. I get going on some project, something I am probably not terribly committed to, and then I check his blog. And he's making magic. All the time. And I have to follow along.
Cast aside is the Bella Blouse from Interweave and the Noro mitred blanket (which I have been working on since last October) aaaand the Latvian Mitten book.
I went to Y@LW and got 2 huge hunks of Eco Wool in cream, whipped out my skacels and knit until my fingers cramped up last night. And in between loads of laundry today, I have been banging out rounds. It is intricate enough that even though it's getting huge, you can't just look off the chart. I haven't even started the fan and feather part yet. By Jared's measurements, this should come out to about 4 feet in diameter. It's an adapted doily pattern from the 40s, so it's round.
Knitting like this, I love. Watching it grow keeps you hammering away.

The latest in yarnsports.

Since crafting has been moved to Wednesday and my greatest efforts to get my supervisor to change my schedule so I might be able to scrape some semblance of a social life together makes it so I work 1:30-10 Tuesdays and Wednesdays only, I post the latest trappings in my brand spanking new knitting bag.

I got this for $10 at the Ocean State Job Lot on Hope St just as you cross into Pawtucket. It usually sells for 3 or 4 times that at Big Chain Craft Store.

Next, is a drawstring skirt that I dreamed up in my head. It'll have pockets. Might I add that I LOVE Eco-Wool.

And finally, this cardigan that I started a month ago, went gung-ho with for about 2 days and promptly dropped the ball when sleeve time came.

I think when I am done with these garment tasks, I'm going to pick up my Noro mitred blanket that I haven't touched since February.